18 months - 30 months

30 months - 36 months

This is where children's sense of order, independence and self-confidence are being developed. As IEYC is play based, teaching - learning takes place in a fun atmosphere and through play as it is an essential aspect of all children's learning and development.

They are given various activities to develop their communication skills through games, singing, doing fingerplays, naming pictures and other language activities. They also learn how to count, name and match colors, numbers and objects or pictures.

In Reading, we use the phonetic approach and they learn the sounds of the letters in the Alphabet through singing with the corresponding pictures clues as the foundation for reading in the higher level.

Children are also introduced to simple Science experiments and learn about the people and the world. In this level, children are also given various fine motor activities such as pre-writing skills from simple arm movements to basic handwriting strokes to prepare them for writing the letters in the Alphabet and numbers. They are also provided with manipulatives to exercise, develop and strengthen their fine muscles as well as practical life activities for them to be learn common and everyday tasks. Through these, they can quickly adapt to situations in their own simple way.

Children are also given physical activities to strengthen their gross motor skills and this is done through creative movement, physical exercises and being engaged in free play on the playground, baby gym and other play areas. Music plays a very lively role in this level because through this, children get to enjoy and apply what they learn in class as this is integrated in Music and Movement activities. They also do art and crafts to develop their creative expression and skills through the activities provided.

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