Kindergarten: 4 - 5 years old

The Kindergarten level focuses more on the academic development of preschoolers in Lollypop's fun and supportive environment. By this time, the children have a clear concept of school and are familiar with how they are expected to behave. Most of their routines have been established in the Nursery level, so they are more responsible and independent. With the implementation of the IEYC curriculum, Kindergarten level is the perfect transition phase forging a seamless link between early and formal education.

The children's personal, social and emotional development are honed through the Independence and Interdependence strand of IEYC. The sense of being a global citizen is also developed through the IEYC international dimension.

Our teachers were still able to do fun and engaging activities to the children despite some limitations in the online teaching and learning platform. Take a look at our virtual IEYC activities and events that have made home-based learning fun! Indeed we can say that the pandemic cannot stop us in achieving our school's vision and mission.

Speaking and listening, reading, writing, numbers, shape and measures, ICT and expressive arts and creativity are developed under the IEYC Communicating strand. Formal reading starts in Kindergarten using phonics method and enriched with IEYC themes and activities. As preschoolers are naturally curious, the Enquiring strand of IEYC best fit this characteristic.

Children are given activities that develop their skills of enquiry through exploring people and the environment. A positive attitude to health, self-care and physical activity are developed in the Healthy Living and Physical Well-Being strand. All activities are delivered to the learners through the IEYC process of learning.

We believe that learning happens when developmentally-appropriate, teacher-scaffolded and child-initiated experiences harness children's natural curiosity in an enabling environment. Exit Points provide fun and practical application of what were learned in the IEYC units.

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