Nursery: 3 - 4 years old

As children have become more adjusted to the school environment, they are learning more in all areas. The IEYC learning strand which is Communicating has been broken down into sub-categories or the learning domains. For instance, in Reading, children start to produce the letter sounds without the picture clues and the phonetic song.

They are given more activities to develop their language skills like naming pictures, doing simple role playing and show and tell, reciting rhymes and others. They also enhance their communication skills as they are encouraged to express themselves. Children's number awareness through observing continuing patterns, counting and other basic math processes are being strengthened to prepare them for higher math. More hands-on activities are given to enhance the simple Science experiments performed in class.

Through the IEYC learning activities, children engage in experiences that will enable them to develop knowledge and an increasing understanding beyond what relates to their nationality and identity and of people, countries and cultures which is the IEYC International Dimension.

Physical activities and a positive attitude towards health and self-care are also given emphasis as one of the learning strands. This is done by giving physical exercises and creative movement activities. The children also learn the values of endurance, courage, teamwork and sportsmanship. Appreciation for Music and art and developing aesthetic sense of children are also nurtured.

Practical Life Activities, with a bit of Montessori, expose children and are given opportunities to learn simple or familiar tasks done at home. Character Building are taught by introducing a virtue monthly though it is also integrated throughout the year because we believe that imparting good values to children is an integral part of their formative years.

Exit Points are activities that teachers and children look forward to as they always have fun and they can reflect, share and celebrate what they have learned throughout the IEYC units. Exit Points are regularly held either weekly or monthly depending on the themes.

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