Parent’s Testimonials

Harry & Belinda Santoso - Lollypop Sunter

There are so many positives about Lollypop Preschool and it’s hard to narrow them down. We have made the perfect decision in sending our son, Orlando and daughter, Alena here. We scouted a number of preschools before but we finally decided on Lollypop because of its aesthetically pleasing physical environment : clean, well-equipped, organized and brightly-lit classrooms, multi-cultural student body and teachers, as well as a fun, creative curriculum. But the real value of Lollypop has got to be with the people: the teachers, office staff, classroom aides and security officers. We observe that all are happy; they love what they do and it shows in their faces. They have good working relationships as most of them have been working in Lollypop for almost two decades! The teachers, who are the best assets of the school are not only of highest caliber but are also caring, loving, warm, enthusiastic and have personally invested in each child for each one to develop holistically. As a result, our children are thriving academically, socially, as well as emotionally. Every morning, from the moment the children walk in the Lollypop premises, they are greeted by the principal, teachers, assistant teachers and other staff members with a smile before they proceed to their classrooms. Lollypop makes learning enjoyable and interesting that’s why, we have recommended the school to many parents and I have never had a family unhappy with the care and education their children have been receiving at Lollypop together with our children.

Agnes Dyke Pekerti

When my sons joined Lollypop, they did not only like it, but they both look forward to go to school. The only school that feels like home. My kids adjusted well since day one, when they enrolled at Lollypop. The teachers and staff all work well as a team, not only friendly and warm but they do care for our kids like their own. At Lollypop, they do not only teach the academics but they also help the kids in character building, which is very important aspect in overall education. Thank you from all of us to Lollypop for the great effort they put in our kids.

Mr. Marcus Kam

I wanted to thank everyone who helped my kids during their stay in Preschool. Thank you teachers and staffs for your patience and dedication in teaching our kids everything they needed to learn in Preschool.

Mrs. Vivian Tan

Since we transferred our kids in Lollypop Preschool when Lydia was still in Nursery and my other daughter Sofia in Prep, I could see the resemblance of my children’s actions to their teachers and I’m happy because in that sense it seems to me they love school so much. Seeing our kids enjoying their stay having fun and yet not compromising the quality education we all have been wishing for them is the quality education Lollypop Preschool has offered to us. To Lollypop Preschool teachers and staff for all the hard work, supports and the love you extended to our kids we are very grateful.

Mukesh and Twinky Devnani

We couldn’t have asked for a better first school experience for Pranaay than Lollypop Preschool. We commend your institution after having schooled our son there for three years and seeing the dramatic progress he has made from his early childhood years. The overall program is well designed, but a good program is not effective without good teachers, and yours are the best! They execute the program well and most important of all is that they do it with love and dedication. They enjoy what they are doing and that positive energy reflects on to the children who then share that experience. The teachers help them to keep their curiosity alive, and teach them the love and beauty of learning. They do that respecting each child’s individual needs. Pranaay is having fantastic time at Lollypop as we can see the eagerness he has each morning to rush to school. Your teachers have touched him in such a special way. We know it will stay with him for the rest of his life. Congratulations to your whole team for setting a new standard for early childhood education. Thank you so much!

Eric and Wina Kumari Bhuller

We have great pleasure in sharing our views on Lollypop Preschool. Our son, Bhimraj Singh and his sister, Shaleenraj (now 9 yrs old) are really progressing very well both academically and socially. The teaching staff at Lollypop has not only made learning an enjoyable process but they also work on other areas of development as well such as social skills. They take time to bring the kids to different places and environment and more than anything the kids are having fun! Our kids enjoy learning and taking pride on their achievement. If you want your child to have his best days at school, we highly recommend you look at what Lollypop Preschool has to offer: innovative, teaching methods and the opportunity for parents even grandparents to be involved in the school's activity.

Budi and Listiana Hartono

We are very grateful that Karla studied in Lollypop for her Early Childhood Education. We could see how much she grew in her ability to communicate in English, in her character, in her confidence and in her social skills. She was very well-prepared and equipped for her Primary education. She was surrounded by caring teachers an environment of great values. She made many friends and had a lot of fun. She really enjoyed her time there.

Ivan and Alice Arianto

We would like to express our gratitude to Lollypop Preschool. We really treasured the learning, fun and family atmosphere here. Our kids, Christabelle now in grade 2 and Dave in Preparatory level, love the school as they find enjoyment with their teachers and peers. We have witnessed the incredible development they had since they studied here. Abel has no difficulties in adjusting to Elementary school because she got all the package of academic knowledge, character building and other development skills during her schooling at Lollypop. Dave is also showing great progress in his English vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills, Math and also in his self-confidence. Now he has more courage to perform on stage (he used to be shy and was afraid to go on stage). The teachers are also very creative in making events during the school year. These events really help the kids to have more awareness, appreciation and learn so much seeing “the world” in such amazing events and moments. We are so proud of the teaching team at Lollypop! As parents, we feel so grateful and blessed to have our kids study at Lollypop.

Aloysius and Ninik P. Nathan

When my daughter Karina had her short speech on the day that she graduated from Lollypop Preschool saying, When I grow up, I want to be an independent and loving woman like my mom”, it really made my heart sing. Karina was a shy girl, but throughout her schooling in Lollypop, I knew in my heart that she has had a wonderful experience at Lollypop and is ready to face Primary with confidence and enthusiasm. My husband and I had such a positive experience at Lollypop Preschool that we were back with our younger daughter, Chiara who is now in the Preparatory level this school year. We are proud to see a series of significant character development of Chiara especially her being so independent and caring from her first year of schooling until now. Bravo Lollypop!

Yudhi and Icing Lee

If there's one thing that LOLLYPOP PRESCHOOL excels at, it's making the whole learning experience fun and enjoyable for the students. The amount of knowledge and skills our son Ruben managed to acquire during his stay in Lollypop is a constant source of amazement to us. Yet though all these years, we never had the impression that the learning experience was stressful to him in anyway. For Ruben, going to school is always fun and exciting! It was clear to us from the beginning that the teachers here in Lollypop are highly qualified, which accounts for our son's tremendous progress. Yet it is our belief that there must be something more to it, something less tangible than numbers written on a scoreboard. It is our belief that in this preschool, children are genuinely loved; and being thus loved, they are able to bloom into their fullest potential. And for this, we would like to express our deep sense of gratitude.

Mr. and Mrs. Santoso Himawan

Lollypop Preschool has been a second home for our daughter, Tiara. She enjoys learning and playing there. The teachers and staff are not only experienced but also nice, fun and helpful. They have been great partners for us parents in educating our child. They always communicate with us regarding our child’s development as well as problems she encounters at school. The school also has many activities through which our child can express and develop her potentials, build confidence and creativity. We are very satisfied with Tiara’s progress in academics as well as social skills

Danny & Lakita Nihalani

Choosing Lollypop Preschool as a place for learning for both our children was indeed a good choice. We have seen tremendous improvement in both our boys socially, emotionally and academically. The teachers have been very loving and helpful in every way. The school has provided a very safe and clean place for our boys to learn and play.